Why we are here. 

We are not some political camp blindly advocating an agenda by following a pre-set list of bullet points.  We hope to inform and inspire you to get motivated about the truth.  We let individuals voice their opinions and we pride our self to looking for the truth. 
Here are some smiple things that you can live by.  
Educate yourself - Nothing should be taken at face value. You should question everything and always seek Truth.
Fear and Love - Through Truth and knowledge, you will learn the difference between Fear and Love. Through Love, you can break the chains of Fear and begin to be truly free.
Educate others - When you see that those around you are misinformed, you should seek to spread the Truth out of Love.
Unity - Through knowledge and Truth, we can be united.
Prepare - Through knowledge, Truth, and unity, we can work to prepare ourselves for the things to come
Strength - Through knowledge, Truth, unity, and preparedness, we gain strength.
Revolt - Once we have strength through knowledge, Truth, unity, and preparedness, we can work toward revolution. We must be peaceful, as long as we are allowed to be, but we must always firmly hold our ground.
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